A complete control of production at a glance.




Id number  Function
1 Name of the recipe in production
2 Selection of a new recipe
3 Status of the feeder: end of feeding, flow rates (3), feeding ok.
4 Keys for local operation
5 Menu selection keys; Configuration (calibration, maintenance), traceability and new recipes.
6 Display of current weighing (colours: blue = in operation, green = feeding ok, red= feeding out of tolerance
7 Opening of the recipe under way (the parameters can be modified).
8 Set point
9 Reset of defects, tare and scales to zero
10 LEDs stable weighing,  and "low flow alarm" and "out of tolerance alarm".
11 Feedings results : weight and time




Multi feeders batch controller: With the same touch screen, it is possible to control  2, 3 or 4 feeders at the same time.



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