Feeders with powdering effect

 These products are designed to combine dosing function (volumetric or gravimetric) with scattering of  the material.           

  ►  In mixing process, the powdering of minor ingredients improves the quality of mixing and  accelerates the process time.

  ►  Powdering effect is requested to get a good coverage of powder on a surface.

Some examples

This small powdering machine machine is also a volumetric feeder: The output flow rate is controlled by motor speed and outlet section of extractor. In batch processing, the innovative MCPI’s “Short-cut system”  allows a perfect control of the extractor movement with repeatability below 1/100 sec, to ensure a quick and repeatable feeding. The mechanical energy applied for powder extraction is measured, and this value is repeated for each dosing sequence.  

This simple and inexpensive machine is waterproof, it can be flushed with water and used in food industry applications.


   Loss - in - weight feeder with sprinkling of the ingredient: dedicated to food industry, this feeder is working in continuous mode. The ingredients (chocolate curls, pieces of nuts...) used as decorations on extruded chrismas pastries are sprinkled on the top of the product.

 This feeder is mounted on a "C" shape trolley (height adjustable)

Design according to GMP rules.


Loss-in-weight feeder with fine sprinkling of the powder. 

The powder is dosed in a mixer, the sprinkling effect improves the mixing efficiency.

Hygienic machine, waterproof. Application: pharmaceutic industry


Loss-in-weight sprinkling machines: to incorporate micro ingredients in mixers 

(feeding with accuracy + fine distribution of powder)

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