You can discover here some examples of applications. These applications provided  the opportunity for our customers to innovate by creating new products or simply to improve the efficiency of  their production lines.


Feeding of almond chunks on biscuits, 18 tracks on a width of 1000 mm, production rate 75 cycles per minute.



Automatic filling of tubes with balls or granules (2 sizes).
simultanous feedings ,  cadency 20 cycles /mn,  


Continuous feeding of small ingredient on a line of ice cream.
2 feeders of 4 lanes are used, to dose 2 different ingredients at the same time.


Feeding of coarse sugar on brioches9 tracks on a width of 800 mm. If one brioche is missing the feeding is interrupted on this position .



 Feeding of pieces of nuts.

Ice cream production - 8 rows. 


4 lanes feeders, for buns production



Feeding of cocoa for production of Tiramisu.

These dispensers combine feeding and distribution of cocoa on  circular rings of 80 mm.



Automatic filling of dessert pots with different ingredients.
simultanous feedings on 2 rows,  cadency 20 cycles /mn,  


Biscuit fabrication: feeding of icing sugar on 25 tracks (width 1270 mm), with automatic refilling of the storage hopper

Advantages: a good feeding accuracy, an homogeneous sprinkling on each biscuit and reduced losses


 Dosing on 27 rows for fabrication of chocolates.  Feeding of 2 Smarties per chocolate - 1 lane / 2.5 sec



Multi head feeder :width 1600 mm, 24 or 36 tracks.  Can distribute up to 4 different ingredients (including raisin). Production rate: 60cycles /min. Production of muffins. 



Dosing and scattering of grain of sugar on buns. Width: 2500 mm, 15 simultaneous dosing tracks. Production of buns.



   Dosing  on 16  tracks for Ice cream production -  10 ± 2 Smarties on each track - 50 cycles/min.


Dosing and scattering on 18 dosing tracks - Width:110 mm - 40 cycles/min - Topping on desserts (coco, pieces of nuts, sugar).



Feeder with 4 heads for continuous filling of small bags (sachets). The powder is a very fine material similar to cement.


Simultaneous filling of 8 dessert pots with crumble (20 grams per pot, cycle time: 2.5 sec). The feeder hopper is refilled automatically with a vacuum conveyor, and a screw to regularly fill the width of the feeder hopper. For cleaning operations, the feeder can be removed from the production line thanks to a mobile trolley (not in the picture).



Multi head feeder 11 tracks - Filling of cartridges (dosing time for 11 dose: 1.5 sec).



Feeding of salt on a production line of pizzas.

The dispenser ensures accurate dosing of salt (0.5 g / pizza) and a uniform distribution over the entire surface of the product (Ø 230 mm). The feeding is performed simultaneously on two tracks, on a continuous scrolling line, the transfer time of a pizza below the feeder is 0.8 sec.

A second tool can be used to adapt the feeder for pizzas with a diameter of 120 mm.


For dessert fabrication, feeding on twelve tracks of ingredients like cereal balls, chunks of almond, nougatine, pieces of dry fruit...

An application to demonstrate a perfect mastering of  dynamic feeding. Dosing rate from 1 gram to 4 grams, dosing time : 0.5".


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