Weighed rotary bowls MCPI Fine dosing ® associated with MCPI weighing controllers can manage one or more feeders in "batch" mode.

This principle makes it possible to operate a feeder in gravimetric mode, with very good accuracy

To illustrate this advantage, we can compare a feeder operating with a rotating container and a loss in weight feeder:

  • The range of the load cell is much lower in the case of the rotating bowl (the size depends on the quantity of material to be dosed  against the total mass of the feeder full of material in the case of a loss in weight feeder). The advantage of feeding in a weighed bowl is obvious, because the load cell resolution is much higher for low ratings.
  • In the case of a loss in weight feeder, the load cell is subjected to the vibrations of the mechanical system (rotation of motors). It is subject to mechanical stress of the electrical cables, flexible pipes, etc. In the case of MCPI rotating bowls, during the measurement, the load cell is disconnected from any mechanical stress. Installed on an independent support, it is not subject to feeder vibration. Thus the signal gets a better dynamic and a lack of hysteresis.

Technical data Batch controller

  • 4 accuracy qualities for the scales (from 0.1 gram to 0.1 mg).
  • Range: from a few mg to a few kilograms
  • Integrated overload stops
  • Hygienic design according to EHEDG rules
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Pneumatical or electrical actuator (rotational drive)
  • Customized products on request
  • Feeding with 3 separate flow rates (coarse, medium, fine)
  • Measure with high resolution and high dynamics
  • 800 recipes can be memorized
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multi language
  • Saving of feeding results (up to 800,000 values).
  • Open communication to PLC...

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   Class    Resolution of the scale   Max. weighing range of the bowl
B 1- 2 g 30 kg
A              100 mg     (0.1 g) 5 kg
2A               10 mg    (0.01 g) 500 grams
3A                2 mg   (0.002g)    50 grams
4A              0.1 mg (0.0001g) 50 grams


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