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MCPI Fine dosing® is recognized as a leader in the development of solutions for precision dosing and filling of powders, our exclusive technology is protected by numerous international patents.
Our micro feeders are famous for their performances, particularly their ability to reach the highest standards of accuracy in the shortest dosing time. They can be used with the same success in labs or in high production rate assembly lines.
Reliable and easy to maintain, they are designed according to hygienic standards.

Our micro feeders are proposed in gravimetric or volumetric models

  • Gravimetric models include 3 levels of accuracy (scale resolution from 10 mg to 0.1 mg) to ensure dosing accuracy up to ± 1 mg.
  • Volumetric models are dedicated to small feeding (from 10 mg) and short dosing time.

In addition, discover our broad product line for powder feeding and sprinkling.

MCPI Fine dosing® technology is dedicated to highly precise powder dispensing and scattering.

MCPI Fine dosing technology opens the door to exciting new ideas for your products. Our research into the behavior and extraction of solids has lead us to develop a range of  powder feeders and scatterers with an original principle leading to exceptional performances. Never before had a technology given such advantages in terms of accuracy and speed of feeding, reliability and hygienein the field of solids feeding.

We invite you to discover here a unique concept, and imagine all the benefits you can draw for your processing…

Our patented principle of extraction is based on high density shear forces, able to cut bonds existing between powder particles. As a result, the size of powder agglomerates is reduced, and it is possible to extract steadily very fine flows of material. These conditions are key points for a perfect control of flow rate and to reach a high level of accuracy.

Benefits of MCPI Fine dosing® solutions

Powder extraction efficiency Good efficiency and perfect feeding control with almost all types of ingredients: from fine powders with poor flowing properties (dyes, starch,lactose…) or  coarse ingredients (granulates, balls…).
Short reaction time  For batch volumetric feeding, dosing cycle can be reduced to 0.3 sec..
Powder extraction control In batch dosing (gravimetric),  the ratio between coarse and fine flows can be over 100…in order to get a quick and accurate feeding.
Powder scattering  Thanks to the  extraction capacity, it is possible to get powder scattering on large width with good profile of distribution.
 Flexibility  Most of MCPI Fine dosing systems can be used with many  types of ingredients (from fine powders to granules), with a very wide range of output flows.
Respect of the ingredient  Feeding of delicate ingredients (tablets, chocolates curls…) is possible.
 Cleaning / Hygiene design  Dismantling for cleaning is a question of a few seconds (or a  few minutes for the largest systems). All MCPI Fine dosing® feeders and powdering machines are available with hygienic manufacturing (EHEDG rules). They are built with FDA-compliant materials.
 Safety  Since the stroke of the mechanical parts in movement is reduced (< 7 mm),  production and cleaning operations are safe for users.
 Reliability  Low maintenance equipment thanks to a reliable mechanical movement, and since there is no moving seals nor any wearing parts (abrasive ingredients do not create wear of the feeder). In comparison with screw feeder, MCPI Fine dosing feeders can’t be damaged with unwanted parts coming from the ingredient.

The MCPI Fine dosing® SPA micro feeders are designed for the precise dosing of powders and granules by weight. Linked to precise scales that control 3 flow rates, the micro-feeder can achieve accuracies to within +/- 1 mg, and short dosing times. 

4 levels of precision

     Class     Weighing resolution of the scales Min. quantity (estimation) Max quantity (estimation)


For batch feeding of dry materials

A    100 mg > 10 g  ~ 20 kg
2A        10 mg   > 250 mg ~ 500 g
3A           1 mg  > 100 mg ~ 100 g
4A         0.1 mg > 20 mg ~ 10 g

Technical advantages

  • The Accuracy and stability
  • The short dosing time
  • The compactness, reliability, flexibility
  • The safe design for the operators and construction based on hygienic standards
  • The intuitive and user friendly operation of the weighing controllers
  • A feeding system with high dynamic of operation
  • A high ratio between coarse and fine feedings. This is essential to perform both fast dosing processing and high precision.
  • A reduced and stable overshoot.

Multi-point dosing and powdering

The unique MCPI’s Multi-head Feeder, is probably the best solution on the market, due to multiple application points, together with simultaneous, fast and accurate dispensing of ingredients, and perfect sprinkling effect.

These patented feeders are controlled by motor speed and the outlet sections of the extractors. Each outlet is set separately to get the same feeding for each outlet.

Checks are carried out by the MCPI’s “Short-cut system”:  a mechatronics solution, which allows a perfect control of the extractor movement with repeatability below 1/100 sec, to ensure a quick and accurate feeding.

High rate of operation

This range of machines supplies an efficient cost effective solution for high cadencies productions (dosing time from 0.2 sec, up to 60 dosing cycles / min). The feeders can be fitted onto a “C” shape mobile trolley, to facilitate cleaning operations.

The design meets all food and drug industries requirements regarding cleaning and hygiene.


Decoration, flavouring and « topping » in food industry, filling of powders, granules, balls…. See applications of multi head feeders and ingredients.