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High precision feeders for tablets

(Pyrotechnic industry)

Tablets are used in pyrotechnic industry for the manufacture of  explosives, air bag generators, seat belt pretensioners .... The implementation of these tablets must satisfy many constraints due to the product specificity and their stringent conditions.

To comply with all these constraints, MCPI has developed a range of specific feeders, combining speed, accuracy and operator safety.


The tablets made ​​from compressed powder must be implemented with caution. So, the level of friction applied to the material must be kept as low as possible.

Moreover feeding of pyrotechnic tablets requires:

  • Accurate feeding for a strict control of the pyrotechnic reaction.
  • Friction free operation to avoid self ignition risks.
  • Short dosing time, consistent with the high cadency production lines of automotive industry.
  • Machines easy to clean, without retention area.

To answer these constraints, MCPI has developed a range of specific feeders, combining speed , accuracy and operator safety.

Different examples of applications



Feeding of tablets Ø 6.4 mm,

  • set point: 20 g to 70 gram
  • dosing time < 5sec,
  • dosing accuracy ± 2 tablets.

To optimise accuracy and short dosing time, the feeder is designed with 2 feeding corridors:

     2 corridors open + high frequency
     1 corridor open + average frequency
     1 corridor open + low frequency

The switching points are managed by the MCPI batch controller, and are fully memorised.

Feeding of tablets Ø 3.2 mm,

  • set point: 11 g
  • dosing time < 4sec,
  • dosing accuracy ± 2 tablets.



Feeding of tablets Ø 3.2 mm,

  • set point: 0.3 g to 1.3 gram
  • dosing time < 3 sec,
  • dosing accuracy ± 2 tablets.


Feeding of tablets Ø 5.5 mm,

  • set point: 500 g
  • dosing time < 10 sec,
  • dosing accuracy ± 0.3 g.

Optionally, the dispenser can be automatically refilled with a vacuum conveying system.

Such performance requires a dosing sequence with three to four feeding rates.

MCPI weighing controller    click


Feeding of tablets ø 3.5 mm:  15 g in 4.5 sec, standard deviation: 0.027g


Feeding of tablets ø 6.5 mm:  11 g in 4.0 sec, standard deviation: 0.038 g


Feeding of tablets ø 3.5 mm:  1.3 g in 5.0 sec, standard deviation: 0.027 g

MCPI weighing controllers for an easier operation and a better process control click

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